The Technical Water Treatment

The water treatment for the public swimming pool in Edmonton is based on the German FLL guidelines for natural swimming pools. The nominal number of daily bathers for the Borden park pool is 1000.
The water treatment works with gravel filters and planting zones being fed in closed water circuits with the objective of removing floating material, germs and phosphorous. The removal of phosphorous is a basic measure to reduce the growth of algae and blanket weed.
The pool water is taken out of the pool via an infinity edge. From here the water runs into the flush water shaft. From this shaft there are two pumps drawing water to the different water treatment plants.
The basin water pumps, which are located in the technical building, convey the water to the Neptune filter. There the water is distributed via nozzles on the filter surface, and afterwards by percolating through a gravel filter bed. On the surface of the gravel is a living biofilm that binds algae and germs and so cleans the water.